(Review) CoinPayU: earn bitcoins easily and for free at the click of a button

CoinPayU: earn bitcoins easily and for free at the click of a button
CoinPayU: earn bitcoins easily and for free at the click of a button
CoinPayU: earn bitcoins easily and for free at the click of a button
CoinPayU: earn bitcoins easily and for free at the click of a button

CoinPayU Review How it works, Payment, FAQ, and Personal opinion. CoinPayU is a PTC (Paid to Click) platform launched at the beginning of 2019 and to this day, it continues to work really well. Its growth is being really fast. It currently has more than 43,349 weekly active users, a figure that continues to increase week after week.

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Its easy operation, the large number of ads available, and the possibility of choosing between several languages ​​(Spanish, English, and Russian), make this PTC one of the best options to earn small fractions of Bitcoin online.

If you are looking for ways to earn bitcoins, don’t miss this opportunity! I encourage you to continue reading this post where I am going to explain the complete operation of CoinPayU step by step.

Sign up for free at CoinPayU and start earning BTC

The registration and use of the CoinPayU platform are open to people from anywhere in the world. The registration process is very simple, it won’t take you more than a few seconds. You just have to provide a username, a valid email, and set a password.

Right after submitting the registration form, check your inbox as you will receive an email with a code that you must write in the corresponding box to activate the account.

How does CoinPayU work?

The operation of CoinPayU is very simple and basic. First of all, if you have the interface in English, look closely at the top right, you will see a flag. Click on it and select the flag of any other country you want to translate the page into the language of your choice instantly.

As for the options available to earn money, on the left, within the menu you will see the following options:

VIEW ADVERTISEMENTS: the main way to earn satoshis on this page. All the ads come with the required viewing time and the profit of satoshis that it will bring you.

There are two different types of ads to display in exchange for satothis.

»Normal ads (see ads section): normal ads from any PTC page. Click on them, wait for the countdown to finish and the captcha results to obtain the satoshis.

»Window ads: these ads work in the same way as the previous ones but with the only difference that they do have adfocus, that is, you must have the ad window active for the counter to work.

TASKS: perform tasks within CoinPayU thanks to the associated offer walls. You will find tasks of all kinds; surveys, offers, registrations, watch videos, download apps, etc. Before starting to perform tasks, you should take into account the following warnings:

  • CoinPayU does not have any control over the offers paid or not, this depends on the offer wall in question.
  • Do not use VPN, proxy IP, or other methods to abuse the offers.
  • If you verify your account, you will be able to receive the earnings from the sale walls instantly.

The earnings you get in these walls of offers will not be reflected in your balance immediately. Verify your account or you will have to wait several days (a maximum of 15 days.)

REFERRALS: earn commissions by inviting other people to CoinPayU. For every referral you get, you will get 10% of all the satoshis generated by viewing ads and completing offers. This commission percentage may be higher depending on your type of membership.

In the ‘Recommendation’ section you will find a detailed list of all your referrals. On the other hand, in the ‘Promotional Materials’ section, you will find your invitation link and promotional material such as a banner and gifs to use on social networks or on your website or blog.

Activity points

At the top you will see a section called ‘ Points ‘ next to a diamond icon [💎] . You will get these activity points automatically with your activity in CoinPayU.

  • For every 10,000 satoshis generated by watching ads, you will receive 1 point.
  • For every 10,000 satoshis, you spend on advertising you will receive 1 point.
  • If you remain inactive for 7 days followers, you will lose 1 point.

If you have between 101 – 1000 points, you can enjoy instant payments and a 5% discount on memberships and advertising. If you have +1000 points, the discount on memberships and advertising will be 10%.

Referral market

In the referral market you can buy real referrals that other users put up for sale, referrals that have registered with CoinPayU without a sponsor and even sell your own referrals.

You will find very complete information when buying referrals.

  • Registration date.
  • Average number of satoshis gained in the last 7 days.
  • Total earnings on CoinPayU.
  • Money spent on advertisements and advertising.
  • Balance.

How to withdraw accumulated satoshis to a wallet?

The minimum payment in CoinPayU is quite low. You will need to collect a total of 10,000 satoshis in order to request a withdrawal. Before proceeding with the withdrawal, make sure to add your BTC wallet address (‘Profile’ »’Bitcoin Address’).

Once you have added the address of your Bitcoin wallet, go to the ‘Console’ menu and then click on the fuchsia button where it says ‘ Withdrawal’. You will receive an email with a six-digit PIN that you must enter to confirm the withdrawal.

In a maximum of 2 business days (48 hours from Monday to Friday) you will receive the satoshis in your Bitcoin wallet.

Available memberships and referral earnings

CoinPayU has four different types of memberships, one free (Standard) and three paid (Junior, Medium, and Senior).

Membership Own earnings  % for ads ¹ % for offers ²
Standard 100% 10% 10%
Junior 200% fifteen% 10%
Medium 300% twenty% 12%
Senior 400% fifty% fifteen%


* ¹ Percentage that you will receive from the earnings that your referrals generate by watching ads.

* ² Percentage that you will receive from the earnings that your referrals generate by completing offers.

Is it worth paying? Yes, as long as you are very active and above all, you have the possibility of getting and forming a large network of active referrals. Otherwise, do not pay for these memberships, they will not be profitable.

The prices for paid memberships are as follows:

  • Junior Partner – 35,000 satoshis / month.
  • Medium Partner – 100,000 satoshis / month.
  • Senior Partner – 300,000 satoshis / month.

Does CoinPayU PAY or is it SCAM?

Yes, CoinPayU is paying today without any kind of problem or delay. At the bottom of the website, you will find a section called ‘ Payment tests ‘ where you can see a history of the last payments made by the platform.

You will be able to see all kinds of details of the payment that has been issued. User name, amount, time, and even the Bitcoin address, in which you can click and see all the details of the transaction in the public registry of the Blockchain.

I really like this transparency shown and I take it into account. Without a doubt, it is a point that distinguishes CoinPayU compared to other similar types of PTC websites that do not provide this type of information.

Personal Opinions about the PTC CoinPayU

Another option to get free bitcoins. This type of page never hurts to be able to win some satoshis for free and without any complications.

As I have said on several occasions, it is always a good time to continue generating and storing fractional bitcoins. As little as it may be, you never know the value that Bitcoin may reach in the distant future.

With this small final opinion, I end the article about CoinPayU. I hope it has served you and has resolved any possible doubts or questions you may have about its operation. Until next time!

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