What laws need to be observed when doing charity work? (Labor legislation, tax code and Legal issues)


   Legislation in the field of NGOs is not easy to organize – many risks arise from mistakes in its interpretation or lack of experience. NGO leaders do not always know all the requirements that must be met. Let’s take as examples labor laws, tax laws, legal issues and consider some of the most common … Read more

Top 5 Donation tracking and management software/Tools for non-profit


   This is the collections of the best donation tracking software and tools with the best donation management feature. We have managed to select list of tools that is best for non-profit organization, It will allow them perform some main functions like: Reporting, data overview,templates, sending and deleting emails and so much more. List of … Read more

9 ways to keep your charity fundraising organization active and growing

Charity organizations

Charity organizations  What does the competition mean to you? For starters, if you want to keep your organization active and growing, you need to: 1.  Know your mission statement inside and out and make sure it’s relevant:  A crystal-clear “why are we here?” mission statement (also called a case statement) helps keep everyone focused on … Read more

Facebook fundraising ideas and tips ( how it can help promote your organization cause)

Facebook fundraising ideas

Facebook fundraising ideas     Facebook is the premier social networking site in the world at the moment, recently passing the 300-million-member mark, and its basic services are free to use. Why do you need a Facebook/Fanpage:    Facebook users create profiles giving their demographics — their age, location, employment, education, marital status, and more — … Read more

Importance of Social media connection to your charity Organization.


   Social media—is an Internet based communication outlets that has become a staple of everyday communication for people of all ages, providing organizations, funders, volunteers, staff, and clients a way to connect easily and quickly all over the world.    Social media is a broad term that describes the various technologies used to connect people … Read more