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How To Fund UBA AfriCard Online with fnfSwap’s services year 2024

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The UBA AfriCard, or UBA Dollar Prepaid Card, is gaining popularity in Nigeria among freelancers, bloggers, and digital marketers for international transactions. This card is a convenient way to receive and use funds from platforms like PayPal. In this guide, we’ll show you how to fund your UBA AfriCard online and get instant alerts.

What is the UBA AfriCard?

The UBA AfriCard is a dollar-denominated prepaid card from United Bank of Africa (UBA). It’s a standalone card, not linked to your bank account, adding an extra security layer for online purchases.

Key Features:

  • Global Acceptance: Use it at millions of outlets worldwide.
  • Online and Travel Usability: Perfect for online shopping and booking travels.
  • PayPal Compatible: Receive funds from PayPal.
  • Manage Anytime: Control your card via the UBA mobile app and web portal.

Benefits of Using the UBA AfriCard

  • Enhanced Security: Your main bank account stays safe.
  • Flexibility: Spend only what you load.
  • Convenient Funding: Multiple funding options including PayPal and fnfSwap.
  • Instant Alerts: Stay updated with SMS and email notifications.

Eligibility and Requirements

To get the UBA AfriCard:

  • Be a Nigerian citizen
  • Provide ID and proof of address
  • Have a Bank Verification Number (BVN) You don’t need a UBA bank account for the AfriCard.

How to Get Your UBA AfriCard

  1. Visit a UBA branch.
  2. Ask for the UBA Dollar Prepaid Card form.
  3. Fill and submit with required docs.
  4. Wait 30 minutes to 2 hours for issuance.
  5. Collect your card and PIN mailer.

Funding Your UBA AfriCard Online

  • PayPal: Link and transfer funds from PayPal.
  • fnfSwap: Fund with zero fees and competitive rates.
  • External Sources: Buy Dollar funds or use UBA Domiciliary Account.

Funding via fnfSwap (Best Option)

  1. Contact fnfSwap.
  2. Provide AfriCard details.
  3. Pay in Naira based on exchange rate.
  4. Get instant funding and alerts.

Advantages of fnfSwap:

  • Competitive Rates: Better than black market.
  • Instant Funding: Skip bank queues.
  • Great Support: Helpful team.

Activating Your UBA AfriCard

Change the default PIN using the PIN mailer at any UBA ATM to activate your card.

Withdrawing Funds

  • At UBA Branch: Cash withdrawal for non-PayPal funds.
  • via fnfSwap: Transfer to your Naira account for the best rates.


1.Can I send money on PayPal with my AfriCard?

Yes, but frequent transfers can lead to limitations.

2.Why can’t I use my Nigerian card on PayPal?

Nigerian users need a business PayPal account from supported countries.

3.Can I transfer AfriCard balance to my Nigerian bank?

Direct transfers are tricky, but fnfSwap can instantly convert your funds to Naira.


The UBA AfriCard is a must-have for Nigerians making international transactions. Follow our guide to fund your card easily online and stay updated with every transaction. For the best rates and service, fnfSwap is your go-to platform. Start enjoying the benefits of your UBA AfriCard today!

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