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Can You Buy Amazon Gift Cards Directly With PayPal? The Complete 3 solutions Guide year 2024

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PayPal and Amazon are two giants in the world of online shopping and payments. Given their popularity and widespread use, many people wonder if you can use PayPal to purchase Amazon gift cards.



In this complete guide, we will cover everything you need to know about buying Amazon gift cards with PayPal.

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What are Amazon Gift Cards and Their Benefits

Amazon gift cards allow you to make purchases on Amazon.com up to the gift card value. They come in various denominations, typically from $10 to $500, and do not expire.

Here are some of the top benefits of Amazon gift cards:

  • Versatile: Amazon gift cards can be used to purchase millions of eligible items across all product categories on Amazon. This includes electronics, books, music, video, clothing, toys, and more.
  • Convenient: Amazon gift cards are applied to your Amazon account balance instantly without having to enter payment information each time. The gift card value is simply deducted from your total when you checkout.
  • Gifting: Amazon gift cards make for great gifts as they allow the recipient to choose what they want from Amazon’s vast selection. You can purchase e-gift cards to be delivered directly via email.
  • Budgeting: Getting an Amazon gift card for a specific amount can help control spending. Additionally, any remaining balance stays in your Amazon account to be used later.

So whether you want to treat yourself, give a gift to someone else, or simply budget your Amazon spending, gift cards offer flexibility and convenience.

Overview of PayPal and Key Features

PayPal is an online payments system that allows users to transfer funds and make payments quickly and securely. Here’s an overview of PayPal and some of its key features:

  • Digital Wallet: PayPal acts as a digital wallet, storing payment information including credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts. This eliminates the need to re-enter details when making purchases.
  • Acceptance: PayPal is accepted by millions of online merchants and person-to-person payment platforms globally.
  • Security: PayPal utilizes advanced encryption and fraud prevention tools to keep financial information and transactions protected.
  • Purchase Protection: Transactions made via PayPal are covered by purchase protection policies to safeguard buyers.
  • Fee-Free: There are typically no fees for sending or receiving money domestically with a linked bank account or balance. Additional fees may apply for debit/credit card payments.

Given PayPal’s flexibility, security protections, and widespread acceptance, it has become a preferred online payment method for many. Integrating it with Amazon to purchase gift cards expands its capabilities even more.

Can You Buy Amazon Gift Cards Directly With PayPal?

Unfortunately, Amazon does not directly accept PayPal payments. So if you want to buy an Amazon gift card, PayPal will not be a payment option during checkout on Amazon’s website.

Amazon likely does not accept PayPal directly due to PayPal’s history as part of eBay, one of Amazon’s largest competitors. Additionally, Amazon has its own digital wallet and payment services (Amazon Pay, Amazon Cash) which it aims to promote over third-party processors like PayPal.

However, there are a few easy workarounds that allow you to purchase Amazon gift cards indirectly using your PayPal account, which we’ll cover next.

Workarounds to Buy Amazon Gift Cards With PayPal

While Amazon does not take PayPal payments directly, there are several methods you can use to complete the purchase through alternative channels:

Using a PayPal Debit/Credit Card

One popular option is utilizing a PayPal-branded debit or credit card, which draws funds from your PayPal account. Here are the possibilities:

PayPal Debit Card

  • Links directly to PayPal balance
  • Can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, including Amazon
  • No monthly fees
  • Instant access to money in PayPal account

PayPal Cashback Mastercard

  • Earn cash back rewards on purchases
  • Use PayPal Credit on Amazon purchases
  • Build credit history

PayPal Extras Mastercard

  • Earns additional rewards points
  • Access to special discounts and perks
  • Travel protections and benefits

To use one of these cards on Amazon:

  1. Apply for a PayPal debit card or Cashback/Extras credit card
  2. Once approved and you receive the card, add it as a payment method in Your Account » Payment Options
  3. Select the card as payment at Amazon checkout

This provides a seamless way to link your PayPal funds or credit to make Amazon gift card purchases and more.

Purchasing Third-Party Gift Cards

Another simple method is to purchase Amazon gift cards from a third-party retailer that does accept PayPal payments. Many popular gift card sites and marketplaces allow this, such as:

The basic process would be:

  1. Visit one of the sites above and select Amazon gift card
  2. Choose your preferred gift card amount
  3. Proceed to checkout and select PayPal as the payment option
  4. Enter your PayPal login credentials
  5. Confirm purchase

Once the gift card transaction processes, you will receive a claim code and redemption instructions via email. You can then visit Amazon and enter the gift card on your account for immediate use on future purchases.

Peer-to-Peer Trading Platforms

Peer-to-peer sites like CardSwap allow users to safely buy and sell gift cards directly with others in the community. Often you can score discounted gift cards compared to face value.

To purchase an Amazon card on these platforms:

  • Browse gift card listings and apply filters
  • Select an Amazon gift card from a highly rated seller
  • Choose PayPal at checkout to complete transaction using your PayPal balance
  • Receive gift card via email

Caution: Be sure reputable sellers are vetted and guaranteed. Read site rules, seller ratings, and policies closely.

While peer-to-peer platforms offer more risk, they enable another route to obtain Amazon gift cards with PayPal when needed.

Step-by-Step Guide to Redeem an Amazon Gift Card

Once you have successfully purchased an Amazon gift card via PayPal using one of the methods above, here is how to redeem it:

  1. Visit Amazon.com and ensure you are signed into your account
  2. Click “Account” link » “Your Account”
  3. Select “Gift cards” from menu
  4. Choose “Redeem a gift card”
  5. Carefully enter the gift card code
  6. Click “Apply to your balance” button

Once redeemed, the gift card value will be applied to your Amazon account balance instantly. It will be automatically applied to pay for items in your cart and future orders.

You can also check your total Amazon gift card balance anytime under the “Gift cards” section of Your Account.

Tips for Safely Purchasing Gift Cards Online

When buying gift cards online as digital codes, be sure to follow these tips and best practices:

  • Buy only from reputable sellers with strong ratings and reviews from a secure website.
  • Check gift card terms & conditions including fees, expiration dates, limitations, etc. before purchasing.
  • Pay securely using PayPal or a credit card with fraud protections in case issues arise. Never pay direct bank transfer or wire.
  • Print or save gift card code details including the full code, receipt, seller name, and any redemption instructions.
  • Redeem gift cards promptly before the balance or code can become compromised. Do not share publicly.
  • Use gift card right away since they typically cannot be canceled, changed, or refunded after delivery.

Exercising caution upfront helps avoid many headaches down the road. Always vet third-party sellers thoroughly and keep transaction records.

Common Questions about Amazon Gift Cards and PayPal

Can I use my PayPal balance to purchase Amazon gift cards?

Yes, there are a couple ways to use PayPal balance funds:

  • Add PayPal debit card to purchase gift cards on Amazon
  • Buy third party gift cards on sites accepting PayPal payments

Do Amazon gift cards expire?

Most Amazon gift cards do not expire. However, always check gift card terms in case there are exceptions based on where it was purchased. Any unused balance remains in your Amazon account.

What happens if my gift card code doesn’t work?

Double check that the full gift card code was entered correctly. If issues continue, contact the gift card seller for assistance. For Amazon account help, visit Amazon’s gift card support page.

Can I buy Amazon gift cards internationally with PayPal?

Yes, PayPal allows you to complete gift card purchases in different countries. However, Amazon gift card balances can only be redeemed on Amazon’s site specific to the country where the card was purchased.

Are there fees for using PayPal to purchase Amazon gift cards?

Typically no. PayPal does not charge fees when sending/receiving money from a bank account or PayPal balance. If paying by debit/credit card, minor processing fees around 3-5% may apply. Compare available payment methods during checkout.

The Bottom Line

While Amazon and PayPal do not directly integrate, there are straightforward workarounds to utilize your preferred PayPal payment method for buying Amazon gift cards.

The most convenient options include getting a PayPal debit/credit card to link accounts or purchasing third-party retailer gift cards supporting PayPal prior to redeeming on Amazon.

Taking the right precautions when buying gift cards as digital codes will ensure you avoid potential scams. But ultimately, PayPal and Amazon together provide even more flexibility for managing your money and shopping needs.

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