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Where to Buy Gift Cards With PayPal: Top 5 Ways and websites

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Gift Cards With PayPal year 2024

by Johnson
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PayPal has become one of the most popular online payment methods, allowing users to easily send and receive money. But did you know you can also use PayPal to buy gift cards? Buying gift cards with PayPal provides a convenient way to purchase egift cards and physical gift cards from major retailers.



In this ultimate guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about buying gift cards with PayPal, including:

  • Benefits of Buying Gift Cards With PayPal
  • What Gift Cards You Can Buy With PayPal
  • Where to Buy Gift Cards With PayPal
  • How to Buy an eGift Card With PayPal
  • Tips for Buying Gift Cards With PayPal
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Benefits of Buying Gift Cards With PayPal

There are several key benefits to buying gift cards using your PayPal account:


  • PayPal allows for quick and easy online checkout without needing to enter lengthy credit card information
  • PayPal keeps all your payment information stored securely in one place
  • The gift card purchase process is streamlined through your PayPal account


  • PayPal utilizes advanced encryption and fraud prevention tools to keep your information safe
  • You don’t need to worry about your gift card details being compromised or stolen

Rewards and Discounts

  • Some gift card sites offer rewards points or cashback when you purchase with PayPal
  • Occasional sitewide sales and coupon codes provide extra savings

Gift Card Usage Flexibility

  • eGift cards are delivered instantly to the recipient’s email
  • Physical gift cards can be personalized with messages and photos
  • Gift cards never expire so the recipient can use them at their convenience

What Gift Cards You Can Buy With PayPal

The great thing about buying gift cards through PayPal is the extensive variety available from top brands and retailers. Some of the most popular gift cards you can purchase with PayPal include:

Store Gift Cards

  • Amazon – The #1 retailer in the world, offering gift cards with no fees or expiration dates
  • Walmart – Convenient cards to use both in-store and online
  • Best Buy – Tech and electronics gift cards perfect for gadget lovers
  • Target – Cards can be used on anything in-store or online
  • The Home Depot – For the DIYers and home improvement projects
Store Gift Cards Available with PayPal
Amazon Nordstrom
Apple Old Navy
Barnes & Noble Starbucks
Bath & Body Works TJ Maxx
Best Buy Under Armour
CVS Pharmacy Walgreens
DSW Walmart
Gap Whole Foods
Home Depot And more!

Restaurant Gift Cards

  • Starbucks – Cards can be reloaded for ongoing coffee cravings
  • Olive Garden – Enjoy Italian cuisine gift card deals
  • Domino’s Pizza – Perfect for pizza night with the family
  • Panera Bread – Great for deli sandwiches, pastries and coffee
  • The Cheesecake Factory – Indulgent dessert themed gift cards
Restaurant Gift Cards Available with PayPal
Applebee’s Outback Steakhouse
Buffalo Wild Wings Panda Express
Burger King Panera Bread
Cheesecake Factory Papa Johns
Chili’s Grill & Bar Qdoba Mexican Grill
Chipotle Red Lobster
Domino’s Pizza Starbucks
IHOP Subway
KFC Taco Bell
Olive Garden Wendy’s

Online Retailer Gift Cards

  • eBay – Useful for bidding on items or buying from ebay stores
  • DoorDash – Perfect for food delivery and takeout
  • Uber – Download the apps and start riding with uber gift cards
  • StubHub – Buy tickets for concerts, theater shows and more
  • GrubHub – For food delivery cravings and restaurants

Entertainment Gift Cards

  • PlayStation Store – Purchase add-ons, movies and PS5/PS4 games
  • Xbox Gift Cards – Buy digital games, DLC packs and more
  • Steam – PC gaming platform with thousands of popular game titles
  • Spotify – Gain access to millions of music tracks
  • Hulu – Instantly watch TV shows, movies and exclusive series
  • Netflix – Binge watch Netflix originals ad-free
  • AMC Theaters – Movie fanatics can grab some popcorn
  • Regal Cinemas – Catch the latest blockbuster movie releases
  • Southwest Airlines – Cards can be used for upcoming flights and travel
  • Delta Airlines – Purchase airline flight gift cards for trips

As you can see, PayPal offers and incredible selection of gift cards. From retail, restaurants and entertainment to travel and delivery services, you’re sure to find the perfect gift card no matter the occasion or recipient interests.

Where to Buy Gift Cards With PayPal

Here are the top sites that allow you to purchase both eGift cards and physical gift cards using PayPal:


eGifter is one of the best places for buying gift cards with PayPal due to their large selection major brands, streamlined checkout process, and special discounts exclusive to PayPal customers.

They offer 250+ gift cards to choose from top stores like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy and more. eGift cards are delivered instantly via email so they’re perfect for last minute gift needs.


GiftCards.com provides the widest assortment of gift cards that can purchased with PayPal. Brands include entertainment, retail, restaurants, travel and even prepaid Visa/Mastercards.

Both eGift Cards and physical gift cards are available. All purchases are fully protected by Digicert and 256-bit SSL encryption.

PayPal Digital Gifts

You can skip the middleman sites and buy gift cards directly within your PayPal account. Under the Send and Request menu, choose PayPal Digital Gifts to access their online gift card shop.

Brands offered include popular stores like Amazon, Xbox, PlayStation, AMC theaters and Uber Eats. eGift cards can be scheduled for future delivery dates and customized with messages, photos and videos.


Gyft focuses solely on gift card purchases using mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Link your PayPal account for easy one-click buying.

They offer gift cards from over 200 major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. You can also store and organize gift cards as well as track gift card balances.


At CardCash you can buy gift cards at discounted rates by purchasing retailer gift cards from other users. PayPal checkout makes buying super simple.

All gift cards are verified so you don’t need to worry about invalid cards. Gift cards sold by CardCash also come with a warranty in case any issues arise.

How to Buy an eGift Card With PayPal

Buying an eGift card with PayPal follows a simple purchasing process:

  1. Select the gift card brand and denomination amount
  2. Proceed to checkout and choose PayPal as the payment option
  3. Log into your PayPal account or enter your payment details
  4. Confirm your email address for eGift card delivery
  5. PayPal processes the payment
  6. The egift card is instantly emailed to your recipient

Here are some quick tips when buying an eGift card with PayPal:

  • Double check the gift card delivery email address before completing the purchase
  • Add a personalized gift message or upload a photo to make it extra special
  • You can schedule a future delivery date if you want the eGift card sent later
  • Retain the eGift card email as it will include the gift card code and redemption instructions
  • Follow up with your gift card recipient to confirm they received it successfully

Tips for Buying Gift Cards With PayPal

Utilize these tips and best practices when purchasing gift cards through your PayPal account:

  • Compare rates – Check multiple sites to find the best deals and discount gift card prices
  • Protect details – Never share gift card codes or numbers publicly or in emails/texts
  • Beware deals – Avoid buying gift cards sold at extremely cheap rates which may be a scam
  • Check policies – Know the sites gift card terms for damages, replacements or trade-ins
  • Review sellers – Buying from high rated sellers ensures valid and authentic gift cards
  • Grab discounts – Take advantage of any sitewide sales or coupon codes before checking out
  • Use gift receipts – When giving physical gift cards, include the receipt for easier returns/exchanges
  • Check balances – Have your recipient verify the balance to confirm the loaded amount
  • Set reminders – So you remember to use gift cards and codes before they expire

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions around buying gift cards using PayPal:

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I buy an Amazon gift card with PayPal? You can purchase Amazon gift cards with PayPal through sites like eGifter and GiftCards.com
Where can I buy Walmart gift cards using PayPal? Walmart gift cards are available at eGifter, Gyft, CardCash and on the Walmart website
What is the limit for buying gift cards with PayPal? PayPal usually has a limit around $1000 per transaction but sites may impose lower limits on gift cards
Is buying gift cards with PayPal secure? Yes, all gift card purchases through PayPal are fully encrypted and go through advanced fraud checks
What fees are there for buying gift cards via PayPal? Most sites do not charge any extra fees for PayPal checkout – only the cost of the gift card
Can I buy Visa or Mastercard prepaid gift cards? Yes, Prepaid Visa and Mastercards can be purchased through GiftCards.com using PayPal
How fast is the delivery of eGift cards bought with PayPal? eGift cards from all major providers are sent instantly within seconds after PayPal checkout
What happens if my gift card delivery is delayed? Contact the gift card site support team immediately if you don’t receive the eGift card and they can investigate
Do gift cards bought via PayPal expire? Expirations vary depending on retailer – Amazon gift cards don’t expire whereas some store gift cards expire in a year

While there are many options for buying gift cards with a credit card, using your PayPal account provides the speed, convenience and flexibility that can’t be beaten.

So next time you need to grab a gift card for a birthday, holiday or just because, consider using PayPal for the easiest and most secure purchasing experience.

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