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SMEDAN – How to Register and Get Your Certificate; How to Get SMEDAN Loan; All You Need to Know

by James
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SMEDAN, or Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria, is a Nigerian government agency founded in 2003. Its main aim? To boost the growth of small and medium-sized businesses in Nigeria. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand, SMEDAN is here to help.

Why Should You Register with SMEDAN?

Registering with SMEDAN comes with a bunch of perks:

  • Funding Opportunities: Grants and loans are up for grabs!
  • Business Support: From training programs to expert advice.
  • Increased Visibility: Boost your credibility and make networking easier.

What Do You Need to Register?

To sign up with SMEDAN, you’ll need:

  • Proof that you’re a micro, small, or medium-sized enterprise.
  • A legitimate business name and activities.
  • Owner’s ID and other details like business location and assets.

How to Register with SMEDAN

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the SMEDAN website or their offices.
  2. Click “Register my Business”.
  3. Choose your business type.
  4. Fill out the form and upload necessary documents.
  5. Receive your Unique SMEDAN Number (USN) via email.
  6. Use your USN to explore SMEDAN’s services.

Getting Your SMEDAN Certificate

Once registered, SMEDAN will email your certificate. If you don’t receive it:

  • Check your spam folder.
  • Contact SMEDAN.
  • Retrieve it from the SMEDAN portal.

Applying for SMEDAN Loan

SMEDAN offers two loan pathways:

  1. Training Programs: Attend programs, get trained, and possibly receive grants or soft loans.
  2. SMEDAN Credit Portal: Browse loan options from various lenders and apply directly.

Other Perks for Registered Businesses

SMEDAN doesn’t stop at loans and training:

  • Access to workspaces and equipment.
  • Help with packaging, promotion, and market linkages.
  • Regular updates on policies and discounts on exhibitions.

SMEDAN Contact Details Got questions? Reach out!


Registering with SMEDAN is a game-changer for your business. From funding to training and market access, SMEDAN’s got your back. Don’t wait; register today and unlock a world of opportunities!


1. Who is eligible to register with SMEDAN?

Your business should be structured as a micro, small, or medium enterprise and engaged in legitimate activities. You’ll need basic business details and the owner’s ID.

2. How do I apply for SMEDAN loans?

You can either join SMEDAN’s training programs or visit their Credit Portal to browse loan options and apply directly.

3. What if I lose my SMEDAN certificate?

You can request a duplicate certificate via the SMEDAN portal and pay a small fee to get it.

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