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(Ultimate Guide) How To Pay Your JCPenney Credit Card Bill Using PayPal Updated year 2024

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Paying your JCPenney credit card bill using PayPal is a convenient online payment option for cardholders. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the entire process step-by-step.

Overview of Paying JCPenney Credit Card with PayPal

  • PayPal allows you to securely pay your JCPenney credit card bill online
  • Funds can come from your PayPal balance, bank account or other payment method
  • It’s fast, easy and free to make one-time or recurring payments


  • Convenient online payments 24/7
  • Avoid late fees by scheduling recurring payments
  • Pay from multiple funding sources like bank accounts
  • Transaction tracking and reporting


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Step-by-Step Guide

Follow this simple 7-step guide to pay your JCPenney credit card bill through PayPal:

Step 1: Log In to Your PayPal Account

  • Go to paypal.com and log in to your PayPal account
  • Or open the PayPal mobile app and log in

Step 2: Select “Send & Request”

  • On the PayPal homepage, select “Send & Request”
  • This will open up payment sending and requesting options

Step 3: Click “Pay for Goods and Services”

  • Under the “Send Money” section, click “Pay for goods or services”
  • This option allows you to send a payment to a business or service

Step 4: Enter JCPenney Card Details

  • Enter the JCPenney credit card number in the relevant field
  • You can find this card number printed on your monthly statement

Step 5: Enter Payment Amount

  • Enter the amount you wish to pay from your latest JCPenney credit card statement
  • You can choose to pay the minimum amount, statement balance or a custom amount

Step 6: Select Payment Method

  • Choose a payment method from your PayPal balance, bank account, debit card or other sources
  • Select a card or account to withdraw funds from

Step 7: Confirm and Send Payment

  • Review the payment details and confirm they are correct
  • Click “Send Payment Now” to complete the transaction
  • The payment will process instantly and money will credit your JCPenney card

Tip: You can save your JCPenney card as a PayPal Biller for faster future payments.

Paying JCPenney Card Bill by Phone

You can also make JCPenney credit card payments over the phone using PayPal. Simply call JCPenney Card Services at 1-800-542-0800 and provide them your PayPal debit card details to debit the payment.

Scheduling Recurring Payments

One of the best features of using PayPal to pay your JCPenney bill is the ability to schedule recurring automatic payments. This ensures your bill gets paid on time each month.

To set up automatic recurring payments:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account
  2. Locate and open your existing JCPenney billing
  3. Click “Set up recurring payment”
  4. Enter payment details and frequency
  5. Confirm and activate auto-pay

PayPal Payment Methods for JCPenney Card

You can use various payment methods with your PayPal account to pay your JCPenney credit card bill:

  • PayPal Balance – Money available in your PayPal wallet
  • Bank Account – Link bank accounts to pay directly from them
  • Debit Card – Uses funds from linked checking/savings accounts
  • Credit Card – Any major credit card can be used if added to PayPal
  • PayPal Credit – Get 6 months financing on large payments

The most popular funding source is a bank account via eCheck as it has no fees.

PayPal Bill Pay Overview

In addition to standard peer-to-peer payments, PayPal offers a dedicated Bill Pay service that provides some useful features:

  • Pay bills from thousands of companies
  • Schedule future-dated payments
  • Access payment history from one dashboard
  • Receive bills electronically
  • Set up text/email bill reminders
  • Pay multiple bills at once

So if you have other bills like utilities, loans, subscriptions etc. consider using PayPal Bill Pay to manage them as well.

Advantages of Paying JCPenney Card with PayPal

Paying your JCPenney credit card bill through PayPal offers several benefits:

  • Convenience – Make 24/7 payments safely via web/mobile
  • Control – Choose payment amount and timing yourself
  • Automatic Payments – Set and forget recurring payments
  • Reward Points – Can earn points/cashback depending on card
  • Purchase Protection – Get refunds if items are not delivered
  • No Late Fees – Pay on time and avoid penalties
  • Free Service – No signup costs or transaction fees

PayPal Payment Tracking and Receipts

One of the best features of PayPal is the ability to track payments and access receipts quickly:

  1. Login to PayPal
  2. Click “Activity” to view transaction history
  3. Click any payment to view details and receipt
  4. Save or print receipt for records
  5. If needed, payments can also be refunded

So if you ever need proof that you paid your JCPenney bill, PayPal has you covered.

PayPal Credit Card Bill Payment Best Practices

Follow these tips and recommendations when paying your credit card using PayPal:

  • Login via app or website – Avoid public/shared devices
  • Strong password – Use a unique 16+ character password
  • Pay a few days early – To avoid late fees if payments are delayed
  • Double check amounts – Are correct before sending money
  • Check statements – To confirm money was credited properly
  • Enable purchase protection – File claims to get refunds for issues
  • Print receipts – As proof of payment with transaction details

PayPal vs Electronic Bill Pay for JCPenney Payments

Here is a comparison between PayPal and bank electronic bill pay for paying your JCPenney card balance:

Feature PayPal Bank Online Bill Pay
Payment Processing Speed Instant 2-3 Business Days
Late Payment Protection Yes No
Incorrect Payment Refund Yes No
International Payments Yes No
Recurring Payments Yes Some Banks
Mobile Payments Apps Available Limited Availability
Fees No Possible

As you can see, PayPal provides faster payments, strong buyer protection, recurring schedules and mobile convenience – making it preferable over bank bill payments for JCPenney credit cards.

PayPal Credit Overview

In addition to paying with your PayPal balance, bank or cards – consider using PayPal Credit when your budget is tight that month.

PayPal Credit, provided in partnership with Synchrony Financial, offers 6 months special financing on JCPenney credit card payments of $99+


  • 0% APR for 6 months
  • No late fees with autopay
  • Builds positive credit history
  • Can combine with promo codes

This short-term financing offer allows you to pay for large JCPenney purchases slowly over 6 months. This gives your budget flexibility in case of financial constraints.

Learn more about PayPal Credit here.

JCPenney Credit Card Rewards Program

The JCPenney credit card provides an excellent loyalty rewards program for frequent shoppers:

  • Earn Points – Get 1 point for every $1 spent
  • $10 Reward Certificates – When you reach 200 points
  • Birthday Offers – Special discount sent annually
  • Elite Status – More perks after $500+ annual spend
  • Instant Discounts – Extra 15% off for Gold/Platinum members

So you can maximize these loyalty perks by paying your JCPenney card using PayPal.

Can You Pay JCPenney Card with Apple Pay?

Unfortunately JCPenney no longer directly supports Apple Pay for payments in-store or on their website.

So iPhone/iPad users have to manually enter cards. This makes PayPal more convenient as you can still checkout quickly by logging into your account.

Hopefully JCPenney re-enables Apple Pay soon to allow contactless payments again.

Paying JCPenney Card without an Account

If you received a JCPenney credit card bill but don’t have an online account, you have a couple options:

  1. Call Phone Support – Card customer service at 1-800-542-0800 can take a payment by phone without requiring an online account. Provide your card details and PayPal info.
  2. Pay as Guest – Navigate to the JCPenney payments page and select “Pay as Guest”. This allows you to enter your card number and pay without logging in.

So you can pay conveniently using PayPal without needing a JCP website account.

Troubleshooting PayPal Payment Issues

Sometimes payments can encounter processing issues, declines or errors. Here is how to troubleshoot problems with PayPal transactions:

Common PayPal Payment Problems:

  • Insufficient funds
  • Incorrect card number/expiration date
  • Payment processing failure
  • Payments stuck as pending
  • Payments take too long to credit

Resolution Strategies:

  1. Check if enough balance is available in funding account
  2. Call bank or card issuer to allow the transaction if blocked
  3. Ensure all account/routing details entered were accurate
  4. Login via web/app to manually process again
  5. Contact PayPal Support to investigate held payments

Usually transactions will go through smoothly, but these steps resolve most common issues encountered.

PayPal Purchase Protection for JCPenney Payments

One of PayPal’s best consumer protection features is their purchase protection program. This gives refunds in case issues arise with items bought using PayPal.

Common scenarios covered:

  • Item not received – Failed delivery
  • Significantly not as described – Wrong product sent
  • Unauthorized transaction – Account compromised

So this acts as insurance against seller/retailer issues.

To claim:

  1. Open a dispute within 180 days
  2. Provide supporting details/documentation
  3. PayPal will determine valid cases and issue refunds

Note purchase protection only applies to physical goods and services – not bill payments. But it’s still good assurance using PayPal over other platforms.

Paying JCPenney Card with Mobile Wallet Apps

PayPal has mobile wallet integrations that allow you to pay using popular apps instead of cards:

  • PayPal app – Transfer money between users or checkout at retailers
  • Google Pay – Pay at stores/apps with PayPal via Android devices
  • Apple Pay – For iOS purchases funded by PayPal balance/cards
  • Samsung Pay – Use PayPal for purchases on Samsung phones
  • Venmo – PayPal-owned app to split payments with friends

These make in-person or online shopping more convenient instead of entering card details repeatedly.

Just link your PayPal account once and then use mobile wallets at thousands of retailers.

Can I Use Credit Card Points for JCPenney Payments?

Yes, many rewards credit cards like Chase Ultimate Rewards allow you to redeem points for PayPal deposits or online retailer gift cards.

Here is the process to use credit card points towards JCPenney bill payments:

  1. Accumulate points on rewards card with spending
  2. Transfer points to frequent travel partner programs
  3. Redeem points for PayPal deposits or gift cards
  4. Use PayPal funds/gift card to make JCPenney payments

Popular programs which can convert points to PayPal include:

  • Chase Pay Yourself Back
  • Citi ThankYou Points
  • Amex Membership Rewards

Check your credit card point redemption options to pay JCPenney bill with rewards.

Can I Pay with PayPal Credit Card?

Yes, you can pay your JCPenney credit card bill using an eligible PayPal debit or credit card.

PayPal-Branded Cards:

  • PayPal Cashback Mastercard
  • PayPal Cashback Visa
  • PayPal Extras Mastercard

To use:

  1. Apply and get approved for a PayPal debit/credit card
  2. Activate and register card within your PayPal wallet
  3. Use the virtual or physical card to fund JCPenney payments

Almost any valid credit card can also be added to PayPal as a funding source.

So apply for a top rewards card and maximize points or cashback on every transaction!

Paying JCPenney Card with a Different Credit Card

While using your PayPal balance or bank account is recommended, you can utilize any major credit card to pay JCPenney bills.

However when picking a separate credit card specifically for JCPenney payments consider these factors:

  • Rewards Rate – Pick a card with 2-5% cashback to maximize savings
  • Signup Bonus – Aim for $150+ bonus after meeting minimum spend
  • 0% Intro APR – Get 12-21 months to pay off large purchases over time
  • Consumer Perks – Extended warranty, price protection, etc for purchases
  • Bill Payment Features – Set payment reminders, schedule recurring, pay multiple bills

The Citi Custom Cash Card is a great option with 5% cashback (up to $500/month) at department stores like JCPenney.

Just remember to pay it off each month and leverage rewards!

Steps to Pay JCPenney with Different Credit Card

Follow this process if not using your regular PayPal funding sources:

  1. Apply and get approved for a cashback/points credit card
  2. Activate the new card when received
  3. Login to PayPal website and add credit card as payment method
  4. Select the new card as funding source for payments
  5. Send JCPenney credit card payment from connected card
  6. Earn rewards points/cashback on money sent!

Sending Money to Friends/Family to Pay JCPenney

You can also send peer-to-peer payments to friends/family using PayPal who can then pay your JCPenney bill on your behalf:

  1. In PayPal select “Send to Friends or Family”
  2. Enter email/mobile number of recipient
  3. Send required payment amount
  4. Call or message them to use received money to pay your JCPenney credit card balance


  • No fees for personal transfers
  • Money available instantly
  • Works globally

Just ensure your contact is trusted and reliable to handle payment properly once transferred.

PayPal Cash Card for In-Store JCPenney Purchases

The PayPal Cash Card allows you to spend your PayPal balance anywhere Mastercard is accepted. This includes JCPenney retail locations.

You can order a free virtual or physical PayPal Cash Card linked to your account’s balance. Then use it to spend available money in-stores via tap or chip payments.

So when shopping at JCPenney, use your Cash Card instead of normal credit cards to enjoy rewards, protections and convenient checkout.

How to Check PayPal Account Balance

Before sending payments, you’ll likely want to check your current PayPal balance amount available.

Here is how to view your balance across platforms:


  1. Login to PayPal account
  2. Check “Available balance” on homepage

Mobile App

  1. Open PayPal app and login
  2. See balance amount in center of screen

SMS Text

  1. Text BAL to 729725
  2. Receive balance via text message

Checking your balance first ensures sufficient funds when paying time-sensitive bills.

Does Paying JCPenney with PayPal Have Fees?

No, PayPal does not charge any fees to pay your JCPenney credit card bill, no matter which funding source you select.

  • PayPal balance payments are always fee-free
  • Bank account linked via eCheck also has no fees
  • Debit/credit transactions don’t have processing fees
  • Peer-to-peer personal transfers are free
  • Charity donations and bill payments have no charges

However if paying by debit/credit card, your bank/card issuer may charge cash advance fees depending on policies. But PayPal itself doesn’t cost anything for payments sent from your account balance or bank transfers.

PayPal Payment Gateway Integration

If you manage a retail business that wants to accept PayPal, you can integrate it as a payment gateway on your website to unlock benefits like:

  • Increased sales from trusted PayPal brand
  • Accept payments from user balances and cards
  • Support one-time and recurring


Here is more content to continue the comprehensive guide on paying JCPenney credit cards with PayPal:

Setting up PayPal Payment Gateway

Integrating PayPal as a payment gateway on your ecommerce store is simple:

  1. Sign up for a PayPal business account
  2. Install PayPal Commerce Platform extension
  3. Enable PayPal as a payment method
  4. Collect payments from cards or PayPal accounts

Benefits include no manual reconciliation, custom checkout pages, and support for popular platforms like WooCommerce.

There are no monthly fees – just affordable transaction processing rates.

Automating JCPenney Payments via PayPal APIs

Web developers can utilize PayPal APIs to easily build applications with payment functionality:

APIs Offered

  • PayPal Checkout – Customizable order processing
  • Invoicing – Create/send professional digital invoices
  • Payouts – Batch disburse mass payouts to receivers
  • Subscriptions – Manage recurring billing and payments
  • Authentication – Securely identify users via PayPal login

So you can integrate JCPenney recurring bill pay using the Subscriptions/Billing API.

Is PayPal Considered Direct Deposit for JCPenney?

PayPal can be used for direct deposit and funds sent to a bank because you can transfer money from a PayPal account to a bank account registered in the same legal name.

However paying a JCPenney credit card is not considered direct deposit. It is simply a peer-to-peer money transfer or online bill payment.

Direct deposit refers to employers depositing payroll/income directly into an employee’s bank account. PayPal transfers are more flexible peer-based payments.

But PayPal can facilitate direct deposit from employers and transfer it to bank accounts.

Selling JCPenney Gift Cards with PayPal

If you received JCPenney gift card codes that you want to sell for cash, you can securely liquidate them using PayPal:

  1. List gift card for sale on eBay/Craigslist
  2. Specify gift cards will be sent electronically
  3. Add PayPal as preferred payment method
  4. Transfer gift card code via email after PayPal payment
  5. Withdraw cash from PayPal balance

This allows monetizing unused gift card balances easily.

Shop Online at JCPenney.com with PayPal

JCPenney has fully integrated with PayPal allowing you to select it at checkout on JCPenney.com.


  • Fast/free account signup
  • Checkout as guest or user
  • New user coupons for extra discounts
  • Earn rewards points on purchases
  • Free returns for refunds

So PayPal makes the JCPenney online shopping experience smooth and convenient.

How Can I Get a JCPenney Credit Card?

Getting approved for a JCPenney credit card is straightforward:

  1. Apply online at JCPenney’s website
  2. Provide some basic personal information
  3. Receive instant eligibility decision
  4. Get 15% off first purchase upon approval
  5. Card ships within 7-10 business days

Perks include special financing offers, rewards points, and member-only discounts. Improving your credit score increases approval odds.

Can You Use JCPenney Credit Card at Sephora?

Yes, the JCPenney credit card is eligible for purchases at Sephora boutiques located within JCPenney stores.

You earn:

  • 5 points per $1 at Sephora with the JCPenney card
  • 15% off first beauty purchase upon approval

And standard credit card rewards still apply with no annual fee.

So enjoy maximum savings when shopping for your favorite cosmetics!

Closing Thoughts

Paying your JCPenney credit card through PayPal is a convenient digital payment solution offering simplicity, security and strong fraud protection.

Linking your bank account provides fast fee-free bill pay so you never miss a payment.

PayPal’s purchase protection also safeguards you when shopping online at JCPenney.com via your account.

So leverage PayPal to take control over managing your JCPenney credit card and maximize rewards!

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