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List of Pizza Places and Food Delivery Apps in USA that accept PayPal: Link your account to Google Pay or Samsung Pay

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PayPal is becoming an increasingly popular way to pay at pizza places or food delivery Apps. Using PayPal to order pizza offers several benefits:



Benefits of Using PayPal at Pizza Places

  • PayPal is convenient and secure – No need to carry cash or credit cards. Money is deducted directly from your PayPal account.
  • Can be linked to other apps – Link your PayPal account to Google Pay or Samsung Pay to order and pay seamlessly.
  • Saves time – Order and pay quickly without having to enter card details every time.
  • Earn rewards – Some apps give rewards or points for PayPal purchases.

However, before you use PayPal, here are some things to keep in mind:

What To Know Before Using PayPal At Pizza Places

  • Not all accept it – Check if your preferred pizza place accepts PayPal payments.
  • May have fees – Some vendors charge a small transaction fee for PayPal payments.
  • Have sufficient funds – Ensure your PayPal account has enough money to cover the pizza purchase.

Below is a list of major pizza chains and restaurants that accept PayPal in some form:

Pizza Places That Accept PayPal

Restaurant Accepts PayPal Accepts Via
Pizza Hut Yes Online ordering, Google/Samsung Pay
Papa John’s Yes App and website ordering
Domino’s Pizza Yes Google/Samsung Pay, Some locations
Little Caesars Yes Google/Samsung Pay in-store only

PayPal at Pizza Hut

  • You can order pizzas online via Pizza Hut website and app and pay with PayPal
  • Pizza Hut also accepts PayPal through Google Pay and Samsung Pay when you make in-store purchases
  • To pay using Google/Samsung Pay, you need to link your PayPal account to the app
  • Tap phone on terminal when making payment to deduct money from PayPal

Some appetizing options to try from Pizza Hut menu:

Popular Pizza Hut Menu Items

  • Classic Pan Pizzas – Their signature thick and crispy pan pizzas available in cheese, pepperoni and supreme versions
  • Stuffed Crust pizzas – Hearty pizzas with a ring of melted cheese in the crust
  • Meat Lover’s® Pizza – Pizza topped with a hearty combination of ham, sausage, bacon, beef and pork
  • Buffalo Chicken Pizza – Grilled chicken, spicy buffalo sauce, and topped with a ranch swirl

PayPal at Papa John’s

Key things to know about using PayPal at Papa John’s:

  • You can pay directly with PayPal when ordering online via Papa John’s website or mobile app
  • To pay, you should select PayPal option at checkout after adding items to cart
  • You need to enter email address and password associated with your PayPal account
  • For new customers, you need to create an account with Papa John’s before ordering
  • There are no fees when paying for your pizza with PayPal this way

Some delectable Papa John’s menu items to try:

Popular Papa John’s Menu Items

  • Pepperoni Pizza – Classic pizza with loads of pepperoni
  • Cheese Pizza – Simple but tasty pizza with 100% real mozzarella cheese
  • MeatZZa Pizza – Pizza packed with pepperoni, sausage, ham and bacon
  • Hawaiian Chicken Pizza – Features grilled chicken, bacon, pineapple and ham with sweet teriyaki glaze

PayPal at Domino’s

  • Domino’s accepts PayPal through Google Pay and Samsung Pay at select locations
  • Link your PayPal account to Google/Samsung Pay app
  • Tap phone on in-store payment terminal to pay using linked PayPal account
  • You get loyalty rewards and points for paying with PayPal

Mouthwatering pizzas you must try from Domino’s menu:

Popular Domino’s Menu Items

  • Hand Tossed pizzas – Domino’s classic thin crust pizzas available in many flavors
  • Pan Pizzas – Thick, crispy square-shaped deep dish pizzas
  • Stuffed Cheesy Bread – Warm bread stuffed with cheese and other delicious fillings
  • Chocolate Lava Crunch Cakes – Molten chocolate cakes to satisfy your sweet tooth

PayPal at Little Caesars

  • You can use PayPal to buy pizzas only at Little Caesars locations, not for online orders
  • Link your PayPal account to Google Pay or Samsung Pay
  • When at store counter to make payment, tap/hover your phone over payment terminal
  • It accepts payment through linked PayPal account with no extra charges

Best-selling items at Little Caesars you must try:

Popular Little Caesars Menu Items

  • Classic pepperoni pizza – Features heaps of pepperoni on original round pizza
  • ExtraMostBestest® Pizza – Value pizza with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions and green peppers
  • Crazy Bread® – Soft breadsticks coated with garlic, butter and parmesan cheese
  • Italian Cheese Bread – Pull-apart bread filled with a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheese

How To Order and Pay With PayPal on Food Delivery Apps

You can also use your PayPal account to pay for pizza delivery ordered through certain food delivery apps and websites:

  • Uber Eats – Link PayPal as payment method instead of entering credit/debit card details
  • DoorDash – Add PayPal as payment option in app
  • Grubhub – Select PayPal at checkout when placing food delivery orders

The convenience of paying with PayPal makes food ordering and payment faster and simpler.

Pros of Using PayPal at Pizza Places

Here are the main upsides of using PayPal as payment method when eating pizza out or ordering pizza delivery:

  • No need to carry cash or physical cards: Pay via linked PayPal account on phone apps
  • Faster checkouts: Tap to pay with PayPal eliminates need to enter details every time
  • Earn rewards points: Get points for PayPal purchases to redeem for discounts
  • Better budgeting: PayPal lets you easily track pizza spending, set spending limits
  • Enhanced security: PayPal uses advanced encryption and fraud detection technology

Is PayPal Free To Use For Buying Pizza?

  • PayPal is completely free to use when you order Domino’s pizza
  • You get loyalty points and rewards for paying with PayPal at Domino’s
  • There are no fees for paying via PayPal on Papa John’s website and app
  • Paying in-store using Google/Samsung Pay linked to PayPal is also free
  • But some pizza vendors charge nominal fees per transaction for PayPal

So always check first if the pizza place levies any charges or transaction fees when paying via PayPal before placing the order.

Setting Up PayPal For Pizza Payments

Here is a step-by-step process to start paying for pizzas using you PayPal account:

  1. Sign up for a PayPal account if you don’t have one
  2. Link funding sources like bank accounts, credit cards to your PayPal wallet
  3. Download app for pizza vendor like Pizza Hut or food delivery service like GrubHub
  4. Find PayPal payment option in app and select it
  5. Enter PayPal login details when prompted to authorize payments
  6. Check for fees or charges (if any) for using PayPal
  7. Place pizza order and make payment using your linked PayPal account

Once set up, the entire process takes just a few taps to order and pay quickly for future transactions.

Security of PayPal Payments

  • PayPal utilizes 128-bit encryption and fraud prevention tools to keep your data and money safe
  • It has effective buyer & seller protection programs against payment disputes & unauthorized charges
  • PayPal does not share users’ sensitive financial information with merchants/vendors
  • Using PayPal means not having to give credit/debit card numbers to every pizza place, adding security

So PayPal can be considered a far safer option compared to paying with physical cards.

Main Advantages of PayPal for Pizza Purchases

  • Fast checkout – Order ahead and tap to pay instantly with PayPal
  • Rewards & discounts – Earn points and get special promos when paying with PayPal wallet
  • Seamless transactions – Same PayPal account can be linked across different apps and websites
  • Enhanced security – Advanced encryption and fraud protection safeguards your money
  • Easy tracking – Review all your pizza expenditures via PayPal transaction history

PayPal’s Acceptance At Major US Pizza Chains

Restaurant Chain Accepts PayPal Non-Acceptance Reasons
Pizza Hut Yes
Papa John’s Yes
Domino’s Pizza At Select Locations Not enabled chainwide yet
Papa Murphy’s No Don’t accept phone payments
Little Caesars No Only take gift cards and cash
California Pizza Kitchen No Use proprietary gift cards only

As we can see from the table above, PayPal acceptance at big pizza chains is not universal yet. Chains like Papa Murphy’s and California Pizza Kitchen only take cash or their own gift cards.

Wider adoption of PayPal payments across more pizza restaurant locations is expected in the near future given its rising popularity among patrons.

PayPal Payment FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about paying for pizza with PayPal:

Can I pay with PayPal on DoorDash or UberEats?

  • Yes, you can select PayPal as the payment method instead of a credit card when ordering pizza delivery on DoorDash or Uber Eats

Does Pizza Hut accept PayPal in-store?

  • Yes, Pizza Hut accepts PayPal through Google Pay and Samsung Pay for in-store pickups and dine-in purchases

Can I use PayPal to buy pizzas from Little Caesars?

  • No, currently you cannot use PayPal for online pizza purchases from Little Caesars. However, you can use PayPal linked to Google/Samsung Pay to pay in their stores.

Is PayPal free to use for Domino’s pizza orders?

  • Yes, PayPal is completely free to use when ordering pizza from Domino’s website, app or in-stores.

Do I earn rewards when paying with PayPal?

  • Yes, some pizza places and apps give loyalty points and rewards when you pay using your linked PayPal account instead of cash or cards.

The Future of PayPal For Pizza Purchases

In the future, we are likely to see greater adoption of PayPal across more pizza restaurants and food ordering platforms. Customers are finding PayPal payments faster, easier and more secure compared to conventional payment methods.

Pizza vendors also benefit from instant payment confirmation, better cash flow and reduced risks with PayPal transactions. Integrating PayPal requires some upfront investments which should pay off over time via higher customer retention.

As more patrons get accustomed to Tap & Pay mobile commerce, PayPal acceptance will become virtually universal at all major pizza chains. So get your PayPal account ready for buying pizza with maximum convenience!

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