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Boom Boom Blast Review – Is This App Legit? Does it Pay?

by James
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In the world of mobile gaming, the allure of making real money while playing a simple game can be tempting. Boom Boom Blast has caught the attention of many with its promise of cash rewards for playing. But is it as good as it sounds? Let’s dive into this Boom Boom Blast review to find out.

What is Boom Boom Blast?

Boom Boom Blast is a free casual game available on Android. The gameplay is simple: tap on groups of blocks of the same color to clear them from the screen. It’s not just about fun; the game offers virtual cash rewards, a dice game to win more money, and even prizes like MacBooks and Louis Vuitton bags.

Sounds exciting, right? But here’s the catch: it’s an early-access game on the Play Store, meaning there are no reviews yet. This lack of feedback makes it hard to tell if the game really pays out.

How Does Boom Boom Blast Work?

You don’t need to register to start playing Boom Boom Blast. The concept is straightforward: clear blocks to earn virtual cash. But there’s a twist. Every time you play, you’ll encounter advertisements. These ads are how the developers make money, turning your playtime and attention into their profit.

The game also features a “Lucky Dice” section and a “Lucky Wheel” to boost your earnings. However, these features come with more ads, designed to keep you watching.

Cashing Out: Is It Easy?

On the surface, cashing out seems simple. You can withdraw your earnings directly to your PayPal account. But here’s where things get tricky. When you try to cash out, the game might ask you to wait or complete specific tasks like playing the lucky dice game multiple times. These requirements are just tactics to keep you playing and watching more ads.

Is Boom Boom Blast Legit?

The sad truth about Boom Boom Blast is that it doesn’t live up to its promises. Despite the allure of easy money and prizes, the game is designed to maximize ad views rather than reward players. No matter how much you play or how many tasks you complete, you won’t receive any real money or prizes.


Boom Boom Blast may seem like a fun and easy way to make money, but it’s best approached with skepticism. The lack of reviews, combined with the game’s ad-heavy design, suggests that it’s more of a time-waster than a legitimate source of income.

Before diving into games promising easy cash, do your research. Look for genuine reviews and be wary of offers that seem too good to be true. Remember, if a game promises easy money, it’s likely a scheme to profit from your engagement rather than reward you.


  1. Is Boom Boom Blast really free to play?

    • Yes, the game is free to play, but it includes ads that you’ll encounter frequently during gameplay.
  2. Can I really win prizes like MacBooks and Louis Vuitton bags?

    • The game promises prizes, but there’s no evidence or reviews confirming that players have actually received them.
  3. How do I cash out my earnings?

    • You can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account, but the process may include additional requirements and delays, which are mostly tactics to keep you engaged with the game.

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