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Cash Hoard Slots Review – Can You Convert Coins to Cash?

by James
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Have you ever felt the thrill of a Las Vegas casino right from your Android device? Cash Hoard Slots promises just that, with flashy graphics and tempting jackpots. But is this app really as exciting as it seems, or is it just a way to drain your wallet? Let’s dive into our Cash Hoard Slots review to uncover the truth.

What is Cash Hoard Slots?

Cash Hoard Slots is a mobile game developed by Fantacy XClub, offering a range of slot machine games that mimic the Las Vegas experience. With names like Gorilla Slots and 88 Grand, each game has its own progressive jackpot. It has been downloaded over a million times and holds a 4.2-star rating on the Google Play Store. The game offers features like Lightning Multiple, daily tasks, and bonuses to keep players engaged.

The big draw? The chance to turn your virtual winnings into real cash. However, as we’ll see, this promise might be too good to be true.

How Does it Work?

The game is free to play but has in-app purchases ranging from £0.89 to £194.99. Players must be 18 or older due to its simulated gambling nature.

Upon launching, you’re greeted with 500 diamonds and 5,000,000 coins. The gameplay is straightforward: choose a bet, spin the reels, and match symbols to win. As you play, you can level up, unlock more games, and store your winnings in a “Piggy Bank.”

Can You Cash Out Your Winnings?

Here’s where things get murky. While the game strongly suggests you can cash out your winnings, the process is unclear. There’s no option to convert coins to cash, and offers like the “$50 1st break bonus” are vague at best.

Is Cash Hoard Slots Legit? Does it Pay?

Based on user reviews and experiences, it seems Cash Hoard Slots falls short on its promises. Many players report a cycle of initial wins followed by droughts, with in-app purchases becoming necessary to continue playing.

The lack of transparency regarding withdrawals is concerning. Players who amassed billions of in-game coins found it impossible to convert them to real money. Technical issues further add to the frustration, with the game crashing or freezing during crucial moments.


Cash Hoard Slots may look enticing with its Las Vegas theme and promises of big wins. However, the lack of transparency, numerous complaints, and unclear withdrawal process paint a different picture. It seems the game focuses more on draining your wallet than rewarding you.

If you’re looking for a genuine way to win real money, Cash Hoard Slots might not be the answer. Instead of chasing the illusion of riches, it’s wise to approach this game with caution.


1. Can I really win real money with Cash Hoard Slots?

  • While the game suggests you can cash out your winnings, many players have found this process to be impossible. The chances of winning real money seem slim.

2. Are in-app purchases necessary to play Cash Hoard Slots?

  • Initially, you might enjoy frequent wins, but as you progress, in-app purchases become more tempting to continue playing. However, they don’t guarantee better odds or increased winnings.

3. Is Cash Hoard Slots safe to play?

  • The game requires players to share personal data for targeted advertising, which raises privacy concerns. Additionally, technical glitches and crashes have been reported, adding to the safety concerns.

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