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Easy Fruits Review – Does it Pay $300 For Tapping Fruits?

by James
3 minutes read

We’ve all seen those tempting ads promising easy money by playing games on our phones. One such game making waves is Easy Fruits. With over 100,000 downloads, it’s hard to ignore its promises of big bucks just for playing. But is it too good to be true? Let’s dive into the world of Easy Fruits and find out.

What’s Easy Fruits All About?

At its core, Easy Fruits is a simple game where you tap on groups of matching fruits to clear them from the screen. It’s a concept we’ve seen before, but Easy Fruits claims to set itself apart by offering real cash rewards. These rewards can be withdrawn via PayPal, Amazon, or Mastercard. Sounds tempting, right? That’s what’s driving its popularity.

But here’s the catch: despite its popularity, Easy Fruits is still labeled as ‘Early Access’ on the Play Store. This is a big red flag. If you don’t get the promised rewards, you can’t warn others with a review. Genuine games would value your honest feedback.

How Does Easy Fruits Work?

Getting started with Easy Fruits is a breeze. No registration or fees required. Just jump in and start tapping away at those fruit clusters on a 10×10 grid. Clear a stage, and you’re rewarded with $66. Sounds great so far, but there’s more to it.

Once you’ve earned around $80, a “claim” button appears. Clicking it will show you ads that you’ll need to watch to claim your rewards. These ads are a clever way for the developers to make money, but it’s not benefiting you.

How Do You Get Your Money?

To cash out your earnings, hit the “withdraw” button. You can choose to receive your money via PayPal, Amazon, or Mastercard. But wait, there’s a catch. You need to accumulate at least $300 before you can cash out. And here’s a word of caution: avoid giving out sensitive information like bank details. Your data might not be safe with Easy Fruits.

Is Easy Fruits Legit? Does It Really Pay?

In short, no. Easy Fruits won’t transfer any money to your account. It’s a game that lures you in with promises of cash but fails to deliver. To reach the $300 mark, you’ll likely have to play over 100 levels. And even then, you won’t get paid. The developers are more focused on making money from ads than rewarding players.


Steer clear of Easy Fruits. It’s not the money-making opportunity it claims to be. Not only will you not get paid, but there’s also a risk of your personal information being compromised. It’s best to avoid this game altogether.


  1. Is Easy Fruits free to play?

    • Yes, Easy Fruits is free to download and play. However, there are ads you’ll need to watch to claim your rewards.
  2. How do I cash out my earnings?

    • You can cash out via PayPal, Amazon, or Mastercard once you’ve reached $300 in earnings.
  3. Is my personal information safe with Easy Fruits?

    • There’s a risk that your sensitive information could be vulnerable. It’s best to avoid sharing such details with this app

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