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Is Lucky Devil Slots Real or Fake? A Comprehensive Investigation

by James
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Lucky Devil Slots has been making waves as a new social casino app, promising players exciting chances to win real cash prizes. But as its popularity surges, so do concerns about its legitimacy. Is Lucky Devil Slots legit or just another scam? Let’s dive into this mystery.

What’s Lucky Devil Slots All About?

Lucky Devil Slots is presented as a sweepstakes-based social casino app. Here’s the deal: you buy “Gold Coins” with real money to play casino games like slots and bingo. While playing, you also earn sweepstake tickets for a shot at winning cash prizes. Sounds tempting, right? Winners are picked randomly, and supposedly, you can cash out through PayPal or Cash App.

This concept isn’t new; many social casinos and sweepstakes slots are becoming popular as they offer gambling-style games legally in the US. You use real money to buy Gold Coins for fun games, while the contests give you chances to win actual cash.

Sounds good so far? Hold on, there’s more to the story.

The Inside Scoop on Lucky Devil Slots

Launched in 2022, Lucky Devil Slots quickly climbed the charts on both Android and iOS devices. The app boasts attractive graphics and the allure of winning big cash prizes. But who’s really running the show?

  • Developer: Conflictfo Games Technology Co., Ltd
  • Launch Date: Mid-2022
  • Platforms: Android, iOS
  • Genre: Social casino, slots, bingo
  • Business Model: Sweepstakes with real money deposits and prize giveaways

But here’s where it gets sketchy: there’s very little info available about Conflictfo Games, raising red flags about Lucky Devil Slots’ legitimacy.

Legit or Not? Licensing and Credentials

A major concern is whether Lucky Devil Slots has the proper licensing and credentials. While it doesn’t need a gambling license like a real money casino, most legit sweepstakes platforms have some form of certification for safety and fairness.

Unfortunately, Lucky Devil Slots falls short:

  • No gambling license from recognized regulators.
  • Not certified for safety or fairness by any auditor.
  • No collaboration with responsible gambling agencies.

This lack of oversight raises serious doubts about the app’s fairness and reliability.

Player Complaints: The Real Story

If you want the truth about Lucky Devil Slots, listen to its players. Numerous complaints have surfaced about difficulties withdrawing winnings:

  • Non-payment of winnings
  • Ignored withdrawal requests
  • Delayed payouts

Real players have reported waiting months for payouts and facing silence from customer service. Examples range from sums of $10,000+ in pending payments to waiting over two months for a payout without any response.

Payment Issues: What’s Going On?

Based on customer feedback, it seems Lucky Devil Slots has serious payment problems:

  • Non-payment despite waiting at the front of the “payment queue.”
  • No responses to withdrawal inquiries.
  • Potentially fake payout queues.

Possible reasons could include underfunded accounts, failed payment partnerships, or overloaded manual review processes. Regardless of the cause, players struggle to withdraw their winnings, contradicting the app’s promises.

What Players Really Think: Poor Ratings and Reviews

So, how do players rate Lucky Devil Slots? The reviews speak volumes:

  • PissedConsumer.com: 1.4 out of 5 stars
  • ComplaintsBoard: Overwhelmingly negative
  • Google Play Store: 1.3 Stars

Players warn others to avoid the app due to non-existent payouts, false advertising, and zero customer service.

Red Flags: Is Lucky Devil Slots a Scam?

When you put it all together, Lucky Devil Slots raises multiple red flags:

  • No licensing or credentials
  • Failure to pay players
  • Non-existent customer service
  • Negative reviews
  • Shady company background

These signs strongly suggest an app designed to collect deposits without fulfilling its promises.


After examining all the evidence, it’s clear that Lucky Devil Slots leans towards being a scam. With no licensing, payment issues, negative reviews, and a lack of transparency, it’s hard to trust this app.


1. Is Lucky Devil Slots a real casino?

No, Lucky Devil Slots is a sweepstakes-based social casino app, not a real money casino. However, it promises cash prizes that many players struggle to withdraw.

2. Can I trust Lucky Devil Slots with my money?

Based on numerous complaints and lack of licensing, it’s advisable to avoid depositing money into Lucky Devil Slots.

3. Are there any legit alternatives to Lucky Devil Slots?

Yes, there are many regulated sweepstakes and social casino apps that offer fair gameplay and reliable payouts. Look for platforms with proper licensing and positive player reviews.

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