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Lucky Donuts Bingo Review – Is it Legit? That’s Nasty!

by James
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Are you tempted by the promise of easy money from Lucky Donuts Bingo? You’re not alone. This game claims to offer big rewards, but is it too good to be true? Let’s dive into this review and uncover the truth behind Lucky Donuts Bingo.


Lucky Donuts Bingo is a game developed by E Spin that combines the thrill of slot machines with the classic game of bingo. With over 10,000 downloads worldwide, it’s gaining popularity due to its enticing offer of winning real money and other prizes. But is it legit? Let’s find out.


  • Free to play
  • Chance to win real cash and prizes like MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, and Apple Watches


  • Potential risk to personal information
  • Misleading claims about cash rewards

How Does It Work?

The game revolves around collecting “green cash points.” You aim to accumulate 10,000 points to supposedly cash out $1,000 through PayPal. As you play, you also have the chance to win other prizes in the Lucky Draw section.


The gameplay is a mix of bingo and slot machines. You have a 5×5 grid, and instead of numbers, you’re looking for donuts to fill up your grid. Each spin costs 5,000 coins, and getting a donut symbol lands it in the corresponding spot on your grid. The goal is to complete a row or column to win green cash points.

Revenue Generation:

The game makes money by showing ads. When you collect cash points, you’re prompted to watch an ad to double your reward. This is how the developer earns from your playtime.

Cashing Out and Risks

To cash out, you need 10,000 green cash points. Once you reach this milestone, the game introduces additional requirements, such as spending 30 minutes on a specific page filled with ads. There are also risks associated with sharing personal information, as the game lacks proper data encryption.

Is Lucky Donuts Bingo Legit?

Unfortunately, the claims of making easy money with Lucky Donuts Bingo are misleading. Players are led to believe they can cash out $1,000 after reaching 10,000 points. However, the game changes the rules once you reach this goal, asking you to complete additional tasks filled with ads. In reality, the developer profits while players’ hopes for easy money are dashed.


Lucky Donuts Bingo may seem like a fun and rewarding game, but it’s important to approach it with caution. The promises of easy money and valuable prizes are misleading, and there are risks associated with sharing personal information. Instead of chasing elusive rewards in games like this, consider investing your time in more reliable and rewarding opportunities.


1. Is Lucky Donuts Bingo really free to play?

Yes, the game is free to download and play, but there are in-game purchases and ads that may tempt you to spend money.

2. Can I really win $1,000 from Lucky Donuts Bingo?

While the game promises a $1,000 cashout after reaching 10,000 green cash points, many players report that the game changes the rules and introduces additional tasks filled with ads, making it difficult to actually cash out.

3. Is my personal information safe with Lucky Donuts Bingo?

There are concerns about the game’s lack of data encryption, which means your personal information may be at risk. It’s advisable to use caution when sharing sensitive information and consider changing passwords if you’ve already shared them.

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