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Maze 3D App Review – Is it Legit? A Maze of Disappointment!

by James
3 minutes read

Have you ever dreamt of solving a maze and winning cash? Sounds like a fairy tale, right? That’s exactly what Maze 3D promises. But is it too good to be true? Let’s dive into this captivating game and see what’s really going on.

What is Maze 3D?

Maze 3D is a mobile game developed by summerlab that combines maze-solving with the thrill of winning money. Imagine navigating balls through mazes, making decisions that affect their size and number. It’s a game that challenges your quick thinking and math skills. And the best part? Finish a level and you earn cash. But here’s the catch—you need to reach $200 before you can cash out.

How Does Maze 3D Work?

You can play Maze 3D from anywhere for free without signing up. Sounds great, right? But there’s a downside. The game lacks proper encryption for your personal information. This means your private details might be at risk. It’s a major concern, especially in today’s digital age where cyber threats are rampant.

The Gameplay

Starting Maze 3D gives you an $80 bonus. As you play, you guide balls through mazes to meet level goals. Along the way, you can multiply your earnings by tapping a button at the right moment. But beware, this triggers ads you have to watch. After every 10 levels, you get to open treasure chests for more cash, but again, you’ll watch more ads.

How to Cash Out

To cash out your earnings, you must reach $200 and complete 60 levels. Once achieved, Maze 3D offers various payment options like PayPal, Cash App, and others.

Is Maze 3D Legit? Does it Pay?

Sadly, Maze 3D doesn’t live up to its promises. Despite reaching the $200 goal and completing 60 levels, players report no payouts. The game becomes increasingly difficult, making it seem like a never-ending challenge. In the end, the promised payouts are just illusions.


Maze 3D tempts players with the allure of easy money, but it falls short on its promises. It’s essential to be cautious with such apps, especially when they handle personal information without proper security measures. While Maze 3D may not deliver, there are legitimate ways to earn money online.

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1. Is Maze 3D safe to play?

While Maze 3D is free to play, it lacks encryption for personal information, posing a potential risk to your data. It’s advisable to avoid entering sensitive details.

2. How do I earn money in Maze 3D?

You earn money by solving mazes and reaching level goals. You can also multiply your earnings by tapping a button at the right time, but this triggers ads you must watch.

3. Can I really cash out $200 from Maze 3D?

Many players have reported not receiving payouts even after reaching the $200 threshold and completing 60 levels. So, while it’s theoretically possible, in practice, it seems unlikely

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