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Mystical Toad Review – Get Rich Quick? Does it Pay?

by James
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Have you stumbled upon the app “Mystical Toad” on the Play Store and been intrigued by its promise of winning big? You’re not alone. This seemingly innocent game is making waves with its tantalizing offers. But is it too good to be true? Let’s dive into the world of Mystical Toad and find out what’s really going on.

What is Mystical Toad?

Mystical Toad presents itself as a fun, casual arcade game suitable for all ages. However, there’s a twist. Once you launch the app, you’re taken to an online gambling platform named Jokabet. This platform lets you bet real money on various games and sports events.

The catch? The Play Store description of Mystical Toad conveniently leaves out this crucial detail. So, users may unknowingly find themselves in a gambling environment with real financial risks.

How Does It Work?

Getting Started

When you download Mystical Toad, it quickly redirects you to Jokabet, prompting you to register with your personal details like name, email, and phone number. Remember, you must be 18 or older to join.

Making Deposits

After signing up, the app nudges you to deposit money into your Jokabet account using methods like credit cards or PayByBank. The minimum deposit is £20, and you can deposit up to £2,000.

Playing and Betting

With money in your account, you can dive into a range of games, live casino options, and sports betting. Popular games like Roulette and Poker are available for you to bet on.

Winning and Losing

While the app highlights the chance to win big, it downplays the risks of losing your entire deposit. Jokabet uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure fairness, but remember, the casino always has an edge. Over time, the odds favor the house, meaning most players end up losing money.

Cashing Out

If you’re lucky enough to win £100 or more, you can withdraw your winnings. However, amounts less than £100 are stuck unless you keep playing and win more.

Is It Legit? Does It Pay?

While Mystical Toad and Jokabet claim to be legitimate, there are numerous complaints about withdrawal issues. Trustpilot reviews for Jokabet are particularly revealing:

  • Many users struggle to withdraw their winnings.
  • Wagering requirements often force players to bet more before withdrawing.
  • Some UK players report having their accounts blocked despite initially being allowed to play.


Digging deeper into Mystical Toad and Jokabet reveals concerning practices. The app’s misleading description and the casino’s questionable terms raise red flags. Moreover, Jokabet’s Curacao license means less stringent consumer protections, making disputes harder to resolve.

In the end, playing on Mystical Toad and Jokabet is like walking into a minefield blindfolded. While some may win in the short term, the odds are stacked against players in the long run. It’s crucial to make an informed decision based on your risk tolerance and financial situation before diving in.


1. Can I really win money on Mystical Toad?

While the app promotes the chance to win big, many users report difficulties in withdrawing their winnings. So, while it’s possible to win, cashing out can be a challenge.

2. Is Mystical Toad safe to play?

Given its connection to Jokabet and its Curacao license, Mystical Toad raises concerns about player protection and fair play. Always proceed with caution and be aware of the risks involved.

3. What are the minimum and maximum deposit amounts?

You can deposit a minimum of £20 and up to £2,000 into your Jokabet account through Mystical Toad.

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