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Push the Coin Review – Is it a Real Money-Making Game?

by James
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Have you ever stumbled upon a mobile game promising real money rewards? Recently, a game called “Push the Coin” has been making waves, claiming to reward players with up to £240. Sounds tempting, right? Let’s dive into the details and see if it’s worth your time or just another scam.

What is Push the Coin?

Imagine the classic coin pusher machines from arcades. “Push the Coin” is essentially a mobile version of that. You tap your screen to drop coins onto a platform. As these coins fall, a pusher moves them forward. If they fall off the edge, you earn virtual cash rewards and tokens.

The game also spices things up with features like slots, scratch cards, and a shake option to nudge coins closer to the edge. To cash out real money, you either need to accumulate £240 in your cash balance or gather 3 million tokens, which equates to £240.

How Does It Work?

The game is available worldwide for Android users and doesn’t require registration. While it might sound convenient, there’s a big red flag regarding data privacy. The app doesn’t encrypt your data, making your sensitive information vulnerable to potential breaches.

In terms of gameplay, you start with 50 coins. Green coins convert to cash, while yellow coins earn you tokens. The catch? To claim your rewards, you’ll have to watch advertisements. So, while you’re trying to earn, the developers are cashing in from advertisers.

Withdrawing Funds

Once you hit the £240 mark or accumulate 3 million tokens, you can withdraw your earnings. The payment options include PayPal, PayTm, Tez, Coinbase, Cash App, and Banco Inter. However, due to the app’s lack of encryption, it’s risky to share your payment details.

Is Push the Coin Legit?

While “Push the Coin” presents itself as a money-making opportunity, the reality is far from it. Initially, the game seems generous with its rewards. But as you progress, the availability of cash-earning opportunities diminishes. The game shifts its focus to token accumulation, with a steep requirement of 3 million tokens to cash out.


Push the Coin appears to be another deceptive cash game designed to lure players with the promise of easy money. The reality is that it doesn’t pay out as advertised. The developer benefits from advertisements, while players end up with empty pockets.

Instead of falling for such games, consider investing your time and effort into more reliable and sustainable income-generating opportunities.


1. Is Push the Coin safe to play?

While the game itself might not harm your device, its lack of data encryption poses a risk to your personal and financial information.

2. How do I earn money in Push the Coin?

You earn money by dropping coins onto the platform. Green coins convert to cash, while yellow coins give you tokens. However, earning actual cash becomes increasingly difficult as you progress.

3. Can I trust Push the Coin to pay out?

Based on user experiences and reviews, Push the Coin doesn’t seem to pay out as promised. Players often face challenges in reaching the withdrawal threshold due to the game’s design changes and high token requirements.

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