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Tile Three Match Review – Legit? Will You Ever Reach $1000?

by James
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We’ve all seen those tempting ads promising heaps of cash for playing a simple match-3 game. Tile Three Match is one such game that claims to offer players huge cash rewards. But is it too good to be true? Let’s dive into this captivating world of tiles and dollars to find out the truth.

What is Tile Three Match?

Tile Three Match is a match-3 game available worldwide, boasting over 100,000 installations on the Play Store. The game is pretty addictive, where players align three identical tiles to eliminate them. What sets it apart? It claims to give players real cash rewards in US dollars that can be withdrawn through various platforms like PayPal, Cash App, and even Amazon.

How Does Tile Three Match Work?

The game starts off with a bang, giving players $200 just for starting. Sounds exciting, right? But hold on. As you progress, the game introduces more complex levels with reduced rewards. And here’s the catch: you need to reach a whopping $1000 to cash out.

Moreover, there’s a significant concern regarding the game’s security. Tile Three Match doesn’t seem to protect your personal data well. This poses a risk of your information being misused or even landing on the dark web.

The Gameplay

The gameplay is simple: match three tiles and watch them disappear. However, as you move up the levels, the game becomes more challenging, making it harder to earn those big rewards. To keep playing, you might find yourself watching tons of ads. And remember that ‘Claim’ button? It’s there to lure you into watching even more ads.

Cashing Out: The Big Challenge

The ultimate goal is to reach $1000 to cash out. But here’s where most players hit a wall. As you get closer to the $1000 mark, the rewards drop drastically, often to just a penny per level. With the increasing complexity of the game, reaching that $1000 seems more like a dream than a reality.

Is Tile Three Match Legit?

The hard truth? Tile Three Match doesn’t pay out. Many players have reported getting stuck just over $900, unable to reach the promised $1000. It turns out that the game is more of a trap to make players watch ads than a genuine cash-earning opportunity. Sadly, Tile Three Match joins the list of many deceptive cash games on the Play Store.


Tile Three Match may seem like an easy way to earn some extra cash while having fun. However, the reality is far from it. With unrealistic cash rewards and security concerns, it’s best to steer clear of such games. Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Instead of wasting time on dubious games, there are legitimate ways to earn extra cash online. Look for transparent platforms that offer real opportunities, like completing surveys or simple tasks for rewards.


  1. Is Tile Three Match safe to play?

    • While the game may seem harmless, there are concerns about its data protection. Your personal information might not be secure, posing risks of misuse or exposure.
  2. How do I cash out my earnings from Tile Three Match?

    • To cash out, you need to reach $1000 in the game. However, reaching this amount is extremely challenging due to reduced rewards as you progress.
  3. Are there better alternatives to Tile Three Match for earning cash online?

    • Absolutely! There are legitimate platforms that offer real opportunities to earn cash by completing surveys, tasks, or even referring friends. Look for transparent and trustworthy platforms to ensure your time and effort are rewarded.

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