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Xmas Cartoon 2248 Review – Is it Legit? Does it Pay $1000?

by James
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Have you come across the game Xmas Cartoon 2248 and wondered if playing it could fill your pockets with cash? This game has caught many eyes with its addictive gameplay and enticing offers, but is it too good to be true? Let’s dive into the details and find out if Xmas Cartoon 2248 is legit or just another fantasy.

What is Xmas Cartoon 2248?

Xmas Cartoon 2248 is a game where you connect Christmas balls of the same number to merge them. For example, if you connect four balls with the number “2”, they will merge into a ball with the number “4”. Sounds simple and fun, right? As you play and merge these balls, your in-game cash balance grows. The game claims that you can even multiply these rewards by up to five times!

The catch? The game promises to let you cash out your earnings. But here’s the big hurdle: you must earn at least $1000 in the game before you can withdraw any money through PayPal.

How Does Xmas Cartoon 2248 Work?

The gameplay is addictive, but it’s nothing new. You’ve probably seen similar games on the Play Store. The objective is to achieve higher and higher numbers to unlock cash rewards. To collect your earnings, you’re required to watch advertisements. Sometimes, you can even multiply your reward by watching more ads or tapping on floating gift icons.

Can You Really Cash Out?

The game sets incredibly high cash-out thresholds. You need to accumulate a minimum of $1000 to withdraw your earnings via PayPal. For Amazon, it’s an eye-watering $10,000! And even when you think you’re close to reaching the payout, the game sets new, higher goals, making it almost impossible to cash out.

Is Xmas Cartoon 2248 Legit?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Despite its high rating and promises of cash rewards, Xmas Cartoon 2248 is fake. Many players have shared their experiences of playing for hours, watching hundreds of ads, and not making any money. The game keeps moving the goalposts, setting new, unreachable targets each time you get close to the payout.


If you’re playing Xmas Cartoon 2248 hoping to make some extra cash, it’s time to rethink. This game promises a lot but delivers nothing but disappointment. You’ll end up watching endless ads with no actual payout. Save yourself the disappointment and uninstall Xmas Cartoon 2248.

Instead, if you’re looking for legitimate ways to earn extra cash, there are plenty of reputable apps and platforms out there. Always remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!


1. Is Xmas Cartoon 2248 safe to play?

While the game is available worldwide and doesn’t require registration, it lacks data encryption, raising concerns about data security. Sharing personal information with the game could pose risks.

2. Can I really earn money by playing Xmas Cartoon 2248?

Despite its promises, many players have reported not receiving any payouts even after reaching the cash-out thresholds. The game appears to use cash rewards as bait to keep players engaged and watching advertisements.

3. Are there any legitimate games where I can earn real money?

Yes, there are legitimate apps and platforms where you can earn real money by playing games, completing surveys, or performing other tasks. Always do your research and read reviews before downloading any app to ensure it’s trustworthy.

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