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Balls Champ Review – Can You Buy a Car to Your Father?

by James
3 minutes read

Have you heard of Balls Champ, the game promising not just entertainment but also real cash prizes? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, I decided to dive in and find out if this game is a genuine opportunity or just another gimmick.

What is Balls Champ?

Balls Champ is a simple yet addictive casual game available on Android. Created by Pitih Masuak and launched in January 2024, it involves merging balls of the same color and number by swiping. The catch? The game claims to reward players with real cash prizes as they progress.

How Does It Work?

The gameplay is straightforward: merge balls to reach the 2048 ball. Each merge supposedly earns you cash rewards, which accumulate in your game balance. But here’s where it gets tricky. To claim these rewards, you’re required to watch advertisements, which seems like a tactic to boost the developer’s ad revenue.

Cashing Out: The Catch

While accumulating rewards might seem easy, cashing out is a different story. The game has a high cashout threshold of $300, with a convoluted cashout system. Initially, you can only cash out 1% of your in-game balance, making the withdrawal process tedious and time-consuming.

Is Balls Champ Legitimate?

Unfortunately, the more you play, the more it becomes clear that Balls Champ might not be as legitimate as it claims. The game is designed to reduce your earnings, making it nearly impossible to reach the $150 minimum withdrawal amount. Moreover, the lack of user reviews and feedback due to its early access status raises red flags about its legitimacy.

Tips to Spot Fake Cash Games

To avoid falling for similar traps in the future, here are some tips:

  • Be wary of flashy ads promising unrealistic rewards.
  • Exercise skepticism with games offering unusually high cash prizes for minimal effort.
  • If earning money seems too easy, it probably is.
  • Stay alert to games with diminishing rewards as you progress.
  • Be cautious with early access games lacking user reviews and feedback.


Balls Champ may offer entertainment, but its promise of real cash prizes seems to be more of a lure than a reality. The game’s convoluted cashout system, high withdrawal threshold, and lack of transparency raise concerns about its legitimacy. It’s essential to approach such games with caution and skepticism to avoid wasting time and potentially compromising your personal information.


  1. Is Balls Champ free to play?

    • Yes, Balls Champ is free to download and play on Android devices.
  2. How do I earn cash rewards in Balls Champ?

    • By merging balls of the same color and number, you accumulate cash rewards. However, to claim these rewards, you must watch advertisements.
  3. Can I trust Balls Champ with my personal information?

    • While the game claims to encrypt data, sharing sensitive information like bank details may not be safe. Exercise caution when entering payment information

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