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Melody Wheel Review – Does it Pay $2000 a Day?

by James
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We’ve all seen those enticing ads for free slot games promising big bucks for just a few taps on your screen. One of the latest to catch our eye is Melody Wheel. But is it a golden opportunity or just another mirage in the desert of online gaming? Let’s dive in and separate fact from fiction.

What is Melody Wheel?

Melody Wheel is a mobile game that lets you spin virtual slot machine reels on your phone. Sounds fun, right? You tap to spin five reels and hope to land on ‘cash’ symbols. These symbols drop into digital bags on your screen, and if you fill five bags, you get rewards. These rewards can range from cash to puzzle pieces that could lead to big prizes like gadgets or luxury items.

How Does Melody Wheel Work?

The game claims to be open to players worldwide without any sign-up or payment required. You use virtual coins to spin and aim for those cash symbols. However, there’s a big red flag: the app lacks data encryption. This means any personal information you enter, like email or bank details, is at risk of being stolen.

The Gameplay

When you spin and land on cash symbols, they fill up your virtual bags. Fill all five, and you could get cash, puzzle pieces, or Amazon gift cards. But here’s the catch: to claim your rewards, you have to watch ads. And not just that, the game requires you to watch an ad every time you try to cash out or claim a reward.

How Do You Cash Out?

The game offers multiple payment options like PayPal, Cash App, and more. Supposedly, you can withdraw any amount once you reach the payout threshold. But many players report that when they try to cash out, the rules suddenly change. You might need to collect a hefty sum like £800 before you can withdraw, making it nearly impossible to get your hands on any real money.

Is Melody Wheel Legit?

Based on our research, Melody Wheel appears to be another in a long line of games promising easy money but failing to deliver. They lure you in with promises of quick cash and luxurious prizes, but when it’s time to pay up, they change the rules. Essentially, they profit from the ads you watch while keeping your earnings for themselves.


Melody Wheel is not the golden goose it claims to be. While it may offer some entertainment value, the promises of easy cash and prizes are likely just smoke and mirrors. Plus, the app’s lack of data encryption puts your personal information at risk. So, it’s best to steer clear and look for more reputable ways to earn money online.


1. Can I really make $2,000 a day with Melody Wheel?

While the game promises big earnings, many players report that it’s nearly impossible to reach the payout threshold and actually cash out.

2. Is my personal information safe with Melody Wheel?

Unfortunately, the app lacks data encryption, making it risky to enter any personal information like email or bank details.

3. Are the prizes and rewards in Melody Wheel real?

While the game offers rewards like cash and gift cards, many players find it difficult to claim these rewards due to changing rules and high payout thresholds.

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